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Mars-IP advises you on trademark law - from registration to valuation. Our firm has been assisting companies for over 20 years in protecting their trademarks. In France, Germany and internationally.


The lawyers of Mars-IP are recognised specialists certified by the Paris Bar Association and members of the Berlin Bar Association. We are experts in intellectual property matters, in particular trademark law

Trademark law protection

A trademark is a distinctive sign protected as an industrial property right. It has an economic value because, by being attached to goods and services, it identifies the origin of the goods. Thanks to it, your products and services are identified and identifiable by consumers.


With regard to the principle of speciality, the trademark protects the goods and services as designated at the time of filing, according to the Nice Classification.


Under the principle of territoriality, the trademark can only be registered in a given territory (a country or a regional organisation such as the European Union)​

Our areas of intervention

Trademark registration strategies

To ensure that the registration of your trademark is successful, we carry out a prior rights search, analyse the competition and the risks of opposition, ensure the distinctiveness and availability of the trademark to be protected, and advise you on the selection of the territories and instruments of protection.

Analysis and management of rights portfolios

MARS-IP is a recognised partner for companies in the management of trademarks, domain names, company names, internet monitoring and registration with the Trademark Clearinghouse (ICANN). We undertake the collection and preservation of evidence of the actual and genuine use of trademarks and serve you worldwide on this matter.

Portfolio and brand defence

We accompany you in front of intellectual property agencies, national courts and even in front of the European Court of Justice.


Opposition proceedings allow you to prevent the registration of a newly filed trademark, if you believe that it infringes your prior rights.

Infringement proceedings can be brought if there is an infringement of an intellectual property right.

The invalidity of a trade mark is absolute when the trade mark does not meet the intrinsic conditions of validity of trade mark law. It is said to be relative when the trademark is not available because there was a prior right to the registered sign.

The revocation of a trademark can be pronounced for several reasons: for failure to use the trademark for 5 years or more, for degeneration of the trademark or when the trademark has become deceptive.


Development of trademark portfolios 


To develop your brand portfolio, our firm can negotiate and draft licence agreements, register with the offices, negotiate peaceful coexistence agreements with competitors, manage assets and sell portfolios.

Application and registration of trademarks in Europe & worldwide 

Trademarks can take many forms, such as word marks, figurative marks, semi-figurative marks, logos, slogans, sounds, videos, collective marks and certification marks.

We take care of the procedures with the bodies in France (INPI), Germany (DPMA), the European Union (EUIPO), the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and via our partners in the other countries of the world.

Recent missions

MARS-IP is currently appealing to the German Supreme Court against a decision to refuse a trademark for lack of distinctiveness.

We manage 500 trademarks in over 70 countries and actively defend them before 4 IP offices in Europe in proceedings in 3 languages.

We negotiate coexistence agreements in the cosmetics sector.

Our blog posts related to trademarks

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