Publishing, music, live show, cinema & audiovisual, press, fashion

  • Intervention as soon as a protectable work is created: verification of the availability of a title, possible infringements of copyright, personality and image rights.

  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts: publishing, authors (bibles, script, commission, audiovisual adaptation, etc.), artist-performer, production, licence, purchase, development, exploitation and commission.


  • Legal audit and transfer of catalogues, proofreading of manuscripts.


  • Legal proceedings in France and Germany for counterfeiting, unfair competition, parasitism and other contractual disputes.


  • Production and recording of events, mapping and live shows: entertainment contractor licenses, international co-productions, ticketing, intermittent contracts, negotiation and drafting of production and co-production contracts.


  • Extension of the protection of copyright and related rights, by filing works with the competent authorities or copyright societies (SACEM, GEMA, ADAMI, SACD, SCPP, ADAGP, SOFIA, etc.). Registering titles, characters and illustrations as trademarks or designs.


  • Optimization of rights management and representation of right holders before management companies and control of collected rights; creation of ad hoc, rights management and publishing companies.


  • Collaborative works, collective works, creation of employees.


  • Advertising, promotional operations, media exchanges.

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MARS-IP is currently negotiating contracts for the purchase of high-tech projection systems (USA, Canada), drafting the chain of contracts for a BD-Web Series project, defending an author of a research work victim of counterfeiting before the Court of Cassation in France, and defending a French music producer before a court of appeal in Germany.

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Our blog posts related to media & IT

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