• Marie-Avril Roux Steink√ľhler

French Tech - Legal Tool Box #1

For this first Legal Toolbox, Marie-Avril Roux and Julian Waiblinger presented the 5-step IP protection strategy for startups.

ūüĎČ Step 1: Know what you have

Define what kind of IP rights you can have.

ūüĎČ Step 2: Know what you need

Do you have the rights you need?

  • Employees vs. freelancers

  • Publication of new technical inventions?

  • Sufficient protection of know-how? NDA?

Do you need to register your IP?

Patent/trademark/design: registration required

Trademarks: can the trademark be registered? Is it available?

  • Copyright: no registration

ūüĎČ Step 3: Know your budget

  • Patent = deep pockets (think of utility models as an alternative)

  • Copyright = it‚Äės for free!

  • Trademarks = concentrate on the most important countries (think of EUTMs and IRs)

ūüĎČ Step 4: Know your timeline from the start

  • Patents: no protection if disclosed ‚Äď protection for 20 years

  • Copyright: no registration ‚Äď protection for 70 years p.m.a.

  • Trademarks: registration can take some time ‚Äď protection for 10 years (unless renewed)

Plan well in advance!

ūüĎČ Step 5: Know your IP like an investor

  • IP as a commercial tool

  • IP increases the value of your company

  • Be prepared for exits / due dilligences

We were pleased to welcome two start-ups:

ūüí° Lehrermarktplatz, becoming Eduki, with Anna K√∂ppen

ūüí° Naki Power with Zaccaria Aghemio and Marvin Pottier.

Thanks for joining us ūüĎŹūüŹľ