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Infogreffe, or how to find out about a company's judicial history in France

Infogreffe, an online platform created by French registrars, is offering a new feature that is essential for entrepreneurs and legal practitioners. The "Judicial situation" feature provides easy access to all the judgments handed down by the commercial courts concerning an individual or legal entity entered in the French Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

Examining past rulings, whether they concern a competitor, a customer or any other party, is a valuable way of finding out about their history, whether or not they are involved in legal proceedings, their strategies for defending or attacking their trademarks and activities, and their past legal successes or difficulties.

In addition to Infogreffe, it is important to know about another tool: Darts-ip. This international platform covering most European countries specialises in gathering information on judgments handed down in intellectual property matters.

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Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash


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