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AI & music creation

Frank Sinatra’s voice used to make a song he never sung.

Impressive but legally doubtful.

The voice is part of a person’s personality, privacy and image. As such, it belongs to the individual, it is a private right that can be commercialised by the individual alone. Sinatra is dead, but only the artists’ heirs , have the right to commercially, exploit his voice and image. That is the way it is, at least in Europe. I’d be surprised if it were very different in the USA, which knows how to extend copyrights to protect its entertainment industry.

A part of AI industry tries to to use good old gold-rush methods, as in the early days of the Internet: first come first served, and install practices very quickly, against which it will soon be too late to defend. But creators, producers and artists, have learned, and today many creators have taken legal action against his uses of their works by AI without their authorisation.

And that’s fair enough...

Credit photo: YouTube


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