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EU leadership in trustworthy AI: Guardrails, Innovation & Governance

Europe wants to lead global efforts on #ArtificialIntelligence. Of fundamental importance is to protect the work and the revenues of these who allow unwillingly such #AI, the authors and creators, composers, photographers.

In #France, a bill has been tabled in Parliament on #generative artificial intelligence which addresses this major issue.

According to the bill's explanatory statement, "the exponential evolution of AI that we are facing today means that we must seek and find a solution to curb what appears to be a threat and probably a future disaster for creation ..." It goes on: "The credibility of images, texts and news, as well as videos and digital montages all deserve our most careful vigilance."

Article 1 provides for the explicit consent of the authors ; article 2 for the recognition of human authorship even if no human was directly involved and for a remuneration of the AI output over a collective management scheme ; article 3 provides for Labelling of the AI output ; finally article 4 also provides for remuneration of authors of the input data, also over a collective licensing scheme."

The bill is carried by a group of MPs from the "presidential majority" (supporting the government of President Macron). The AI debate has reached the French National Assembly!

Thank you Sylvie Fodor for sharing this information

Photo by Thierry Breton on LinkedIn


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