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Publishing, music, live entertainment, cinema and audiovisual, press, fashion

Intervention as soon as a protectable work is created: verification of the availability of a title, possible infringements of copyright, personality and image rights, publication of draft titles (in Germany)

– drafting and negotiating contracts: publishing, authors (bibles, script, commission, audiovisual adaptation, etc.), performer, production, licensing, purchase, development, exploitation, commissioning

– legal audit, due diligence and catalogue transfer, preventive proofreading of manuscripts

– legal proceedings in France and Germany for counterfeiting, unfair competition, parasitism and other contractual disputes

– event production and recording, mapping and live shows: show entrepreneur licenses, international co-productions, ticketing, intermittent contracts, negotiation and drafting of production and co-production contracts

– extension of the protection of copyright and related rights, by filing works with the competent authorities or copyright societies (SACEM, GEMA, ADAMI, SACD, SCPP, ADAGP, SOFIA, etc.). Registration as a trademark or design of titles, characters, illustrations

– optimisation of the management of rights and representation of right holders in management companies and control of collected rights; creation of ad hoc companies, rights management companies, publishing companies

– collaborative works, collectives, employee creations

– advertising, promotional operations, media exchanges

Copyright neighbouring rights press law publishing law performing arts law audiovisual law multimedia law contract law trademark law design law advertising law international law

Industrial property rights

Our clients in this field include a very varied range of businesses: financial and management companies, the food industry, personal services, drones, NGOs, connected objects (IoT), tourism companies, new energies, foundations, fashion designers.

We assist clients in selection and clearance of marks, file and prosecute trademark applications before the French Trademark Office (INPI), at international level at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in Geneva and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante for trademarks and registered designs and manage elsewhere such applications and procedures through our local foreign registered attorneys network.

We manage worldwide trademark portfolios for clients and develop and implement watching programs.

We advise on questions involving law of contract, particularly licenses, coexistence agreements.

We conduct opposition proceedings and rights-infringement cases, and apply for declarations of invalidity or nullity of trademarks in proceedings in France, before EUIPO up to the European Court.

Naturally we also advise on IT and online questions: we protect domain names, we register gTLD domain names and monitor them, we represent clients in ICANN domain name proceedings, as well as in proceedings before the French authority (AFNIC).

We advise on data protection especially before the French authority (CNIL) and unfair competition.


We advise on all questions of copyright, publishing law and media law. Our clients in this field include foundations for the arts, music and TV producers, publishers, music or event producers, radios, orchestras, and artists, authors, writers, composers, researchers, artists, designers, Photographers.

We advise and represent our clients when they create copyright works, e.g. researches on the availability of a title, clearing of rights, checking texts for potential infringement of personal rights, etc.

We draw up and negotiate copyright usage agreements, publishing and licensing agreements.

We advise on breaches of copyright and represent our clients in proceedings for counterfeiting and other copyright infringement before the courts in France, or supervise such cases in Germany and elsewhere.

We supplement copyright protection or protection of related rights by deposit at the competent offices or copyright societies in France: SACEM, ADAMI, SACD, SCPP, ADAGP, SOFIA, etc. or by registering trademarks and designs.

We ensure the best possible management of rights, inter alia through representing and monitoring the fees paid to rights holders by performing-rights societies. We create ad hoc trading companies.

We advise on events rights and questions of performing rights for events producers and stage artists if they wish to appear in France and have questions relating to company licences or wish to conclude employment contracts („contrats d’intermittents“). We represent you before the administrations, like the Ministry of Culture, DRAC, URSSAF.

We negotiate and draw up production sponsoring, partnership, exchange, distribution rights, format -agreements, etc.